Beachbody Extreme Nutrition

Beachbody Extreme Nutrition

Beachbody Extreme Nutrition is a supplement line aimed at supporting fitness programs and weight management goals. The brand offers a range of products including protein shakes, pre-workout drinks, post-workout recovery formulas, vitamins, and a line of plant-based supplements.

Beachbody Extreme Nutrition products are designed to support the body's natural functions with the nutrients it needs to build muscle, decrease recovery time, boost energy levels, and manage weight. The company's goal is to help people reach their fitness and wellness goals by providing supplements that work in conjunction with their existing nutrition and fitness plan.

The protein shakes offered by Beachbody Extreme Nutrition are formulated to provide a balance of clean protein, carbs, and fiber to fuel the body and support muscle growth. The company's pre-workout drink, Energize, is designed to provide energy-boosting ingredients to help users power through their workouts.

For post-workout recovery, Beachbody Extreme Nutrition offers the Recover formula, which contains a blend of ingredients designed to help the body repair and rebuild muscles after intense exercise. Other products in the line include the plant-based supplements Daily Sunshine, which is a meal replacement shake for kids, and Shakeology, which is packed with superfoods and micronutrients to support overall health and wellness.