alternate twisting kne raises

Muscle Groups

abs intercostals obliques
Alternate twisting knee raises is a dynamic cardiovascular exercise that targets your core muscles, particularly the abdominal and oblique muscles. To perform this exercise, start by lying flat on your back with your arms resting palms down by your sides. Then, raise both legs off the ground and bend your knees until they form a 90-degree angle. Engage your core muscles and slowly lift your head and shoulders off the ground while simultaneously twisting your torso to bring your right knee towards your left elbow. Return to the starting position and repeat the same motion with your left knee and right elbow. This exercise can effectively improve your core strength, stability, and flexibility, while also helping you burn calories and fat. It is beneficial for individuals at any fitness level, and can be modified by increasing or decreasing the tempo or range of motion. Alternate twisting knee raises can be performed as part of a warm-up or cooldown routine, or incorporated into a circuit or HIIT workout for added challenge and intensity.