arm blaster curls

Muscle Groups

arms biceps
Arm blaster curls are an isolation exercise that are designed to target the biceps and forearms. The exercise involves using an arm blaster, which is a piece of equipment that helps to keep the arms locked in place during the movement. The arm blaster works by limiting the ability of the lifter to cheat the weight up using their shoulders or back, meaning that the biceps are placed under more tension throughout the range of motion. This increased tension can lead to greater muscle activation and hypertrophy in the biceps and forearms. To perform the exercise, the lifter first secures themselves into the arm blaster and then grabs a barbell or dumbbells. They then perform standard bicep curls, keeping their elbows locked into the arm blaster throughout the movement. This helps to keep the focus on the biceps and forearms, rather than allowing other muscle groups to come into play. Arm blaster curls are often used by bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts looking to build bigger, stronger biceps and forearms. They can be performed as part of a dedicated arm training day or alternatively as an accessory movement on back or chest days.