bent-arm pullovers with barbell

Muscle Groups

back lower lats serratus
Bent-arm pullovers with barbell is a compound exercise that involves the chest, back, and triceps. It is performed lying flat on a bench with a barbell held with a shoulder-width grip. The exercise is initiated by lowering the barbell with bent arms behind your head and then lifting it back up to the starting position over your chest. This motion helps to improve the strength and flexibility of the chest, back, and triceps muscles. It also allows for a stretch through the ribcage which can increase lung capacity and help with breathing. Bent-arm pullovers with barbell can be performed in a variety of ways, including with dumbbells or on a stability ball. This exercise is typically performed for 8-12 reps and is often included in upper body and full body workouts. It is important to use proper form when performing the exercise to avoid injury, and to gradually increase the weight being lifted as strength improves. Bent-arm pullovers with barbell can be a beneficial addition to any workout routine to improve upper body strength and flexibility.