bent-knee hanging leg raises

Muscle Groups

abs lower abs
Bent-knee hanging leg raises is a popular bodybuilding exercise that targets the lower abs, hip flexors, and lower back muscles. This exercise is typically performed by hanging from a pull-up bar with the knees bent and then raising the bent legs up towards the chest. The movement primarily involves the hip flexors and lower abdominal muscles. To perform this exercise, you need to find a pull-up bar that you can hang from comfortably. Place your hands on the bar, slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, and ensure that your grip is secure. Next, lift your knees up so that your feet are off the ground, and bend your knees at a 90-degree angle. Engage your core and slowly raise your bent knees towards your chest, exhaling as you lift. Hold for a second at the top of the movement, and then lower your legs back down slowly, inhaling as you lower. You should aim to complete 3 sets of 10-12 reps, with a 30-second rest between sets.