front squats

Muscle Groups

legs thighs
Front squats are a variant of traditional squats where the barbell is held on the front of the shoulders. This exercise is perfect for building strength in the legs, particularly the quadriceps, by using weights to apply resistance while squatting. Front squats are typically performed with a narrower stance than other squat variations, and the barbell is balanced across the front deltoids. This positioning requires additional core strength and stability in order to maintain an upright position throughout the exercise. Since front squats place less strain on the lower back than back squats, they are an excellent alternative for individuals with back pain or mobility issues. Front squats also require less weight to achieve the same level of intensity as back squats, making them a suitable choice for beginners or those who prefer moderate-to-light weight lifting. In addition to building strength and endurance in the legs, front squats also challenge the core muscles and improve overall balance and posture.