hanging serratus crunches

Muscle Groups

chest serratus
Hanging serratus crunches are a bodyweight exercise that targets the serratus anterior muscles which are located on the side of the ribcage, between the abs and lats. To perform this exercise, you need a chin-up bar or a set of rings. Start by hanging from the bar or rings with your arms straight and your shoulders slightly shrugged. From this position, engage your serratus anterior muscles to protract your shoulder blades forward, rounding your upper back as you crunch your rib cage up towards the bar. Squeeze your abs and hold for a second before lowering back down with control. Hanging serratus crunches can help improve shoulder stability and mobility, while also strengthening the serratus anterior, which is an important muscle for maintaining good posture and preventing shoulder injuries. This exercise can be done as part of your warm-up or as a finisher to your upper body workout. You can also vary the difficulty by changing the angle of your body or the height of the bar or rings. Beginners can start by practicing the scapular protraction without the crunch, then progress to full hanging serratus crunches once they have built up enough strength.