incline board leg raises

Muscle Groups

abs lower abs
Incline board leg raises, also known as incline sit-ups, are a variation of the basic leg raise exercise that require the use of an inclined board. This variation places emphasis on the lower abdominal muscles, hip flexors, and quads, and is often used as a bodybuilding exercise to increase core strength and overall lower body power. To perform this exercise, one lies on an inclined board with the feet anchored at the top of the board and the hands grasping the board for support. The legs are then raised towards the chest while contracting the abdominal muscles. The movement should be slow and controlled, with a particular focus on the lower abs. As the legs approach the chest, the hips should be lifted off the board, engaging the hip flexors and creating a full contraction in the lower abdominal muscles. Incline board leg raises can be performed with variations such as adding ankle weights or holding a medicine ball between the legs, but it is important to start with a manageable weight and gradually increase to avoid injury. This exercise can help improve posture, balance, and flexibility, in addition to building lower body strength.