incline dumbbell curls

Muscle Groups

arms biceps
Incline dumbbell curls is an exercise that focuses primarily on building the biceps peak. This exercise requires an incline bench, preferably set to 40 to 45 degrees, and a pair of dumbbells. To perform the exercise, the athlete sits on the incline bench with the dumbbells at arm’s length next to their sides, with their palms facing forward. They then curl the weights up in a semi-circular motion, while keeping the elbows close to the body and the upper arms stationary. Since this exercise is an isolation movement, it only works on the biceps, making it an ideal exercise for those looking to build larger and more defined biceps. As it is a unilateral exercise, it also helps correct any muscle imbalances that may be present due to favoring one arm over the other during compound exercises like the barbell curl. The incline position of the bench helps to target the outer head of the biceps, which helps increase the width of the muscle, giving it a more impressive look. Regularly performing incline dumbbell curls can help athletes build impressive and well-defined bicep muscles.