leg curls

Muscle Groups

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Leg curls are a popular strength training exercise that specifically target the hamstrings, which are located on the back of the thigh. This exercise can be performed on a leg curl machine or with a resistance band while lying on your stomach. The machine variation usually involves adjusting the amount of weight being lifted by selecting the appropriate weight load, whereas the resistance band version allows for easier adjustment by simply changing the distance between the band and the body. To perform this exercise, the individual lies down on the machine or floor with their legs straight out. The legs are then bent at the knee and the feet are brought towards the buttocks, lifting the weight or resistance band with them. It is important to keep the back straight and not to swing or use momentum during the movement. This exercise can be done in variations such as single-leg curls or seated leg curls which involve sitting on a bench and lifting weight plates attached to a cable with the heels.