lying side laterals

Muscle Groups

shoulders rear deltoids
Lying side laterals, also known as lying side lateral raises, is an isolation exercise that targets the lateral head of the shoulder muscles. To perform this exercise, lie on your side on a flat bench or the floor with your lower arm extended straight out and your upper arm across your torso. Hold a dumbbell or weight plate in your upper hand and slowly raise it straight up to shoulder height, keeping your arm slightly bent at the elbow, then slowly lower it back down. Repeat for the desired number of reps before switching sides. While lying side laterals can help to tone and strengthen the shoulders, it should be noted that isolation exercises like these should be combined with compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups for a well-rounded workout routine. Additionally, proper form is crucial for avoiding injury and maximizing the benefit of the exercise, so lifters should start with lighter weights and focus on controlled, smooth movements.