machine curls

Muscle Groups

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Machine curls are a popular exercise for working the bicep muscles on the front of the upper arms, using a resistance machine. To perform this exercise, the user sits or stands at the machine, grasping the handles or arm pads with an underhand grip, keeping the elbows close to the body, and then curls the weight towards the chest by bending the elbows. Typically, this exercise is performed for multiple sets and repetitions with a moderate weight. This exercise is beneficial for building muscular strength and endurance in the biceps, which can lead to greater arm aesthetics and functionality in everyday life. Due to the controlled nature of the machine, it may also be a good option for beginners or those recovering from injuries who need to limit the range of motion or resistance of the exercise. To vary the exercise, one can perform the curls with a higher or lower grip position or use different grips like a neutral grip.