machine pullovers

Muscle Groups

Machine pullovers is a resistance exercise that is done using a machine with a pulley system and weights to target the muscles of the upper back, chest and arms. To perform this exercise, you need to sit on the machine bench and hold the handles with both hands, while keeping your back straight and your chest out. As you exhale, you need to bring the handles closer to your body, while keeping your elbows slightly bent and your shoulders down. Once you feel a good stretch across your chest and upper back, pause and then slowly bring the handles back to the starting position while inhaling. You should keep your arms straight throughout the movement and avoid any swinging or jerking motions. Machine pullovers are a great way to work your upper body muscles and can help improve your posture and flexibility, while also reducing the risk of injury. They are particularly useful for people who have a weak back or shoulders, or who want to target the muscles of their upper body without putting too much strain on their joints.