one-arm cable reverse pressdowns

Muscle Groups

arms triceps
One-arm cable reverse pressdowns is an isolation exercise that primarily targets the triceps. This exercise is performed using a cable machine with a single handle attachment. To perform this exercise, stand facing away from the cable machine and grasp the handle with one hand using an overhand grip. Keep your elbow close to your body and your upper arm stationary throughout the movement. From here, extend your elbow to press the handle down towards your thigh. Pause briefly at the bottom of the movement before slowly returning to the starting position. Complete a full set on one arm before repeating the exercise on the other arm. One-arm cable reverse pressdowns is a great exercise to add to your triceps workout routine, as it puts a great deal of tension on the triceps muscle, which helps to build strength and size. This exercise is especially helpful for those who struggle to fully engage their triceps during other pressing movements, such as bench press or push-ups. Additionally, since this exercise is performed with one arm at a time, it can help to correct any muscular imbalances that may exist between the left and right arms.