reverse calf raises

Muscle Groups

legs front lower legs
Reverse calf raises, also known as donkey calf raises, are a variation of regular calf raises that place more emphasis on the soleus muscle. This exercise targets the calf muscles and works on the flexibility of the ankle joint. To perform this exercise, you will need a raised surface like a block or step. Stand with your toes on the edge of the block and your heels hanging off. Hold onto a wall or a sturdy object for support. Slowly lower your heels towards the floor by bending your ankles, then bring your heels back up, contracting your calves at the top. Repeat the movement for the desired number of repetitions. Reverse calf raises can help improve ankle stability and reduce the risk of ankle injuries. It also helps to build strong calf muscles, which are essential for activities like running, jumping, and weightlifting. Incorporating reverse calf raises into your workout routine can help you achieve well-rounded lower leg muscles.