reverse preacher bench curls

Muscle Groups

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Reverse preacher bench curls, also known as reverse Ez-bar curls or reverse Scott curls, is a variation of the traditional preacher curls exercise that targets the biceps muscles of the upper arm. The exercise is performed using a preacher bench, which is an angled weight bench with a padded surface, and an EZ-bar or dumbbells. To perform the exercise, the athlete stands behind the preacher bench and places their forearms on the pad, grabbing the barbell with an underhand grip. The athlete then curls the weight towards their shoulders, focusing on keeping their elbows in and their wrists straight. This exercise is particularly effective for targeting the brachialis muscle, which lies beneath the biceps, but also works the biceps brachii and brachioradialis muscles. The reverse preacher bench curls exercise is typically used by bodybuilders and strength athletes to increase the size and definition of their biceps muscles. It can be performed as part of a full body workout or as an isolated exercise for the arms. Since the exercise is performed in a fixed range of motion and targets a specific muscle group, it can help athletes build unilateral strength and improve muscular imbalances in the upper arms. However, athletes should be careful not to overload the weight and to maintain proper form throughout the exercise to avoid injury.