seated cable rows

Muscle Groups

Seated cable rows is a compound exercise that mainly targets the upper back muscles, but also engages the biceps, shoulders, and forearms. To perform this exercise, one has to sit on a bench facing the cable machine, with feet flat on the ground, knees slightly bent and a straight back. The grip on the cable attachment may vary and can be overhand, underhand, or neutral. The exercise starts by pulling the cable towards the body while keeping the elbows close to the sides until the handle reaches the sternum. After a brief pause at this point, the cable is slowly released to the starting position. The movement should be executed in a controlled manner and with focus on engaging the back muscles. Seated cable rows can be adjusted in terms of weight, sets, and repetitions to accommodate different fitness levels and workout objectives. It is a great exercise for improving posture, upper back strength, and muscle endurance. It is especially beneficial for people who have to spend a lot of time sitting at a desk and are prone to developing poor posture or upper back pain. Variations of seated cable rows include the use of different attachments or machines, such as the low cable row or the T-bar row, and the addition of pauses or contractions at different points of the movement.