side bends

Muscle Groups

Side bends are a popular exercise for targeting the obliques, the muscles that run along the sides of the abdomen. This exercise can be performed with a dumbbell or a weight plate in each hand, and it usually involves standing with feet about shoulder-width apart. From here, the trainee gently bends the torso to one side, then returns to the upright position before repeating the movement to the other side. Executing the exercise slowly and with a stable posture is essential to ensure safety and maximize the benefits to the oblique muscles. Side bends can help to strengthen the abdomen and improve overall core stability, which is important for good posture and balance. However, it's worth noting that overemphasis on side bends without a balanced workout can lead to muscle imbalances or unnatural strain on the back muscles. Therefore, it is important to carefully integrate this exercise into a complete workout plan with other core-building exercises to ensure that all muscle groups are targeted equally.