straight-arm pullovers

Muscle Groups

chest pectorals expand the rib cage
Straight-arm pullovers are a classic exercise that target the chest, back, and triceps muscles. The exercise is done by lying on a bench, holding a dumbbell or barbell with both hands extended straight over the chest, and lowering the weight back behind the head until the arms are parallel to the floor, then return the weight to the starting position. This exercise is great for isolating and strengthening the chest and back muscles. While this exercise also works the triceps, it is primarily used to build up the mass and size of the chest muscles. To keep the focus on the chest and back muscles throughout the exercise, it is important to keep the elbows slightly bent and maintain a steady pace. Straight-arm pullovers can also be done with a variety of equipment, such as a cable machine, resistance band, or even a bodyweight variation using a stability ball. This exercise is popular among bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts alike, and can be incorporated into any upper body workout routine to help build a stronger and more defined upper body.