t-bar rows

Muscle Groups

back outer back
T-bar rows are a weighted exercise that target multiple muscle groups in the upper body, including the lats, upper back, shoulders, and biceps. The exercise is performed using a barbell or a landmine attachment, which is positioned between the legs and allows for a more neutral grip. The lifter then leans forward from the hips with knees slightly bent, and pulls the bar towards the chest. The movement primarily involves retracting the shoulder blades and using the back muscles to perform a rowing motion. T-bar rows are an effective exercise for building overall back strength and muscle mass, and can also improve posture and grip strength. Variations on the exercise include using different grip styles, changing the angle of the lift, or altering the placement of the feet. To ensure proper form, it is important to keep the back straight, engage the core, and focus on squeezing the shoulder blades together at the top of the movement. As with any exercise, it is important to start with a weight that is manageable and progress gradually to more challenging weights over time.