three-way roman chair sit-ups

Muscle Groups

abs intercostals obliques
Three-way Roman Chair Sit-ups is an abdominal exercise commonly performed in the gym. This exercise requires the use of a Roman chair, an apparatus that can support the lower back and hips while leaving the legs free. To begin, the athlete starts by sitting on the chair with the back firmly against the backrest and with the knees bent and feet planted on the ground. From this position, the athlete slowly reclines backward, contracting the abs to lift the torso off the chair, and bringing the knees to the chest. Once the athlete has reached the maximum contraction at the top of the movement, they slowly lower the torso and legs back to the starting position. The three-way aspect of the exercise refers to the three positions the athlete can perform the movement in. The first is a traditional sit-up motion where the athlete lifts the torso and brings the knees to the chest. The second is a reverse sit-up motion where the athlete is lowering the legs and extending the torso. The third is a side-to-side motion, which involves lifting the torso and twisting at the waist to bring the right elbow to the left knee and then the left elbow to the right knee. This exercise can be performed with bodyweight or weighted resistance added to increase the load on the abs.