vretical bench alternative leg raises

Muscle Groups

abs lower abs
Vertical bench alternative leg raises are a variation of the traditional hanging leg raise exercise, which targets the lower abdominal muscles. This exercise provides a great workout to the entire core region and strengthens the abdominal muscles. To perform this exercise, a vertical bench, which is similar to a back extension bench, is used. The bench is designed to keep the user in an upright position, which makes it easier to perform the exercise and reduces the strain on the lower back. To perform the vertical bench alternative leg raise exercise, the user first sits on the bench with the feet firmly anchored on a footrest. The back is then supported by the bench, and the hands are placed on the armrests. The legs are then raised in front of the body, with the knees bent at a 90-degree angle, until the thighs are parallel to the ground. The movement is then reversed, and the legs are lowered back down to the starting position. This exercise can be made more challenging by using ankle weights or by straightening the legs during the ascent.