How To Use KusogLife to Maximize Your Personal Success

Written by Matt Denman
January 01, 2020

KusogLife’s central purpose is to help you live your most powerful life, as you want it to be. Our goal is to make it easier for you to be successful with the hard changes you want to make in your daily life. Changing yourself is hard work, but is possible, and we want to be your partner in making those changes.

Central to KusogLife are the tools you can use on your life journey towards good health, better athletic performance, and management of complex supplement and medicine regiments. Every person has their own unique combination of health goals, beliefs in specific types of diets and exercises that will work for them, and overall body condition.

Our tools are diet, exercise, and goal neutral - we don’t push specific diets, exercises or goals on you. We help you discover what works for you by defining the direction of your journey.

Manage Your Goals

Discovering and tracking progress with your personal goals can be an important part of staying focused on why you’re putting in the hard work on your diet and exercise routine. Are you trying to:

  • Lose weight
  • Get your time down while preparing for an upcoming run
  • Increase the size of your biceps with weight training
  • Faster at swimming to get better rankings on your swim team

KusogLife lets you manage these types of goals and track progress by allowing you to put regular measurements in the goals you’ve set up.

Manage Your Diet

Keeping track of the food and supplements you consume can be an important part of making regular progress on your goals such as to lose weight, get stronger and get healthier. Diet is a big part of your health and when you’re working hard towards your health related goals, knowing what foods and supplements work and don’t work is a big part of finding success.

Manage the list of foods, supplements and medications you take to get a big picture of what you eat. Use your food list to build meals and understand the nutrient profile you consume in order to discover deficiencies and recognize bad eating habits.

KusogLife is diet neutral, meaning we don’t promote one diet over others. Whether you’re interested in a vegetarian, vegan, meditranian, ketogenic or even water or juice fasting, the KusogLife tools can help you plan and track the nutrients you’re consuming.

Manage Your Exercise Routine

When exercise is a part of your overall healthy living, having goals around exercise routines can help keep you motivated to continue your success. For some, just trying to integrate a new routine into their lives, having something to help organize your personal choices can make it easier to stay on track.

Explore our list of exercises related to weight training or cardio and craft the routine that works well for you. That might be making sure you walk a certain amount each day or that you understand the weight training exercises you’re using to build muscles. If you don’t see the exercises you want to do in our catalog, defining your own is easy.

Manage Your Schedule

A big part of staying on track with your diet and exercise goals is being consistent every day, day in and day out. When you’re trying to make dramatic changes to your lifestyle such as changing what and how you eat and integrating a new exercise routine, it can be difficult to remember everything directly. Sometimes your mind can conveniently forget about dietary restrictions or that its time to exercise.

The KusogLife schedule tools can make a big difference in helping you to stay consistent, and is the central way to organize your daily routine. Create individual schedules for each exercise routine, meal plan, and supplements you want to stay consistent with.

You can turn on a reminder for your scheduled items, allowing you to get in app push notifications or a text message.