Using KusogLife Reminders To Help Stay On Your Dietary Success Path

Written by Matt Denman
January 02, 2020

One of the main features of KusogLife is the schedule, which allows you to set up diet and exercise routines as well as one off meals and exercises that you do each day. The schedule calendar view is the central place to evaluate your daily routines and is a good place to evaluate your progress.

Use the Add Schedule button to define a new diet or exercise routine, where you can specify the days of the week, start and end date, and the items that make up the routine.

After you create a schedule, the calendar view will display it’s details and allow you to mark each schedule entry as taken or not, which allows the application to know if the items in the schedule should be included in any summaries of your progress in the app.

When you mark a schedule entry as taken, you have the opportunity to adjust the items actually done on that specific entry. For example, if you made a schedule for walking 2 miles each morning at 7am, but on a given day you walked 3 miles, you can adjust the taken details for that day to reflect the 3 miles.

When you define a schedule, you don’t have to include any items. For example, you could create a schedule for eating breakfast at 8am, but not specify the foods for that. Each time you mark the breakfast entry as taken, you can specify the specific food items consumed.

A schedule can include food, supplement and exercise items in it together. Many athletic routines include taking a pre-workout supplement. You have the option of including the pre-workout supplement with the exercise items being done. You could also create separate schedules for the pre-workout supplement and the workout itself.

The schedule calendar view also lets you define one off meals and exercises done. Its not necessary to create schedule routines for everything you do, you can just create one off meals and exercises as done. Using schedules has the benefit of letting you plan ahead and have a routine that keeps you making progress on health goals you may have.

Once you define a schedule, you can turn on reminder notifications for it so that you get in app or in browser notifications, or if you prefer you can use cell phone text messages. This allows you to reminded about your schedule when you might have otherwise forgotten to follow through.