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Night blindness or problems seeing at night are usually the first sign of a Vitamin A deficiency. Vitamin A also works with Zinc to keep the lens of your eyes clear and healthy. Low levels of Vitamin A make the lens of the eye very susceptible to free radical damage and cataract formation. Experts have discovered a healthy macular contains a high concentration of these powerful antioxidants which filter out blue light (one of the most damaging parts of the light spectrum because of its short wavelength) before it damages the retina. Lutein and Zeaxanthine are also thought to help protect your eyes from age-related macular degeneration. L-Taurine in addition protects ?photo receptor? cells from the damaging effects of bright lights and the suns ultra violet radiation, thereby helping your vision stay clearer longer. Begins working immediately Healthy Vision goes to work immediately to strengthen and nourish your eye and to protect and age-proof your vision. Zinc also has important antioxidant properties, which with Vitamin A acts as a filter protecting against sunlight damage to the fibrous portion of your eye?s lens. Vitamin C also neutralizes toxic free radicals responsible for eye deterioration. A Vitamin C deficiency can lead to an inability of the eyes to produce adequate tears and may play a role in cataract formation. Healthy Vision therefore provides you with the most comprehensive guaranteed potency eye protection, anti-aging formula, based on the most advanced clinical findings, with generous amounts of the most important vision essential antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, for just pennies a day. Gingko Biloba is also a powerful antioxidant which fights eye damaging free radicals. Vitamin E is thought to help fight cataracts by stabilizing lens cell membranes. A Vitamin E deficiency has been associated with cataracts in people with diabetes.


4. Curcumin (50 mg): a powerful free radical fighting antioxidant. 5. Vitamin A (1250 IU): This essential vitamin is crucial in maintaining clear vision particularly in poor light. 2. Bilberry?s (10 mg) stand alone ingredient and Blueberry (10 mg) extracts offer your eyes even more powerful botanical antioxidant protection. These herbs are renowned for their ability to help improve vision and reduce eyestrain. These powerful herbal antioxidants are used widely in Europe to help nourish and strengthen eye blood vessels 7. Gingko Biloba (5 mg): This herb, renowned for its circulation benefits, ensures the delicate blood vessels around your eyes stay healthy and flexible and receive a rich supply of vision enhancing essential nutrients. Healthy Vision's therefore provides safe and effective anti-aging eye protection for all mean and women over age 50. 9. Vitamin C (30 mg): This essential antioxidant vitamin enhances the function of other nutrients essential to eye health including Vitamins A and E. 6. Zinc (10 mg): This essential mineral is important in maintaining a healthy Retina, (the eye tissue that senses light). 8. Vitamin E (100 IU): This essential antioxidant vitamin works with Vitamin C to protect your eyes and vital eye circulation. 3. L-Taurine (10 mg): A nutritional amino acid, which strengthens and stabilizes delicate light sensitive eye cells. The Healthy Vision breakthrough formula Each ingredient in healthy Vision has been carefully selected to help you experience the clearest vision and to provide the most safe and effective all natural eye protection available today: 1. Lutein (15 mg) and Zeaxanthine (1 mg): These powerful botanical antioxidants are renowned for protecting the light sensitive cells of the retina (which line the inside of the eye) and the macular-eye cells (which control the central part of what we see and the sharpness of our vision).


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