1 Up Whey Chocolate & Peanut Butter Blast

1 Up Nutrition 1 Up Whey Chocolate & Peanut Butter Blast -

Product Type

Packaging Size

2.06 lbs

Serving Size

1.0 Scoop(s) [33.5 g]




calories from fat5.0
total fat2.0g
saturated fat1.0g
total carbohydrate1.0g
dietary fiber0.0g


Find us on Instagram salesteam@1upnutrition.com Sports Nutrition Protein promotes muscle repair & growth Your protein intake need to increase especially after exercise. Meal Replacement Short on time? Add your favorite fruit, or yogurt, or a scoop of peanut butter and make a quick meal replacement protein shake to go... Healthy Cooking 1 Up Whey Protein powder is more than just a delicious, high-quality protein blend. Every flavor is an amazing complementary ingredient for your creative baking needs. Amino Acid Profile Per Serving L-Alanine 1,142 mg L-Aspartic Acid 2,639 mg L-Glutamic Acid 4,145 mg Leucine (BCAA) Branched Chain Amino Acids (EAAs) Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) 2,532 mg L-Tyrosine 728 mg L-Arginine 619 mg L-Cystine 497 mg L-Glycine 521 mg L-Isoleucine (BCAA) Branched Chain Amino Acids (EAAs) Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) 1,471 mg L-Lysine Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) 2,183 mg L-Phenylalanine Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) 815 mg L-Serine 1,334 mg L-Tryptophan Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) 530 mg L-Valine (BCAA) Branched Chain Amino Acids (EAAs) Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) 1,372 mg L-Histidine 477 mg L-Methionine Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) 571 mg L-Proline 1,774 mg L-Threonine Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) 1,648 mg Promotes lean muscle growth Supports muscle recovery Improves strength


100% Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate & Concentrate 25 G Protein 1 G Carbs 5.3 G BCAA'S


Allergen warning: Manufactured on equipment which processes products containing milk, eggs, soy beans, fish oil, tree nuts and peanuts. Keep out of reach of children. Warning: If you are pregnant or nursing, consult your doctor before using this or any other dietary supplements.

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