EFS Electrolyte Fuel System Tart Lemon-Lime

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This product was taken off the market by the manufacturer around Apr 07, 2016
1st Endurance EFS Electrolyte Fuel System Tart Lemon-Lime - energy drink supplement

Product Type

energy drink supplement

Packaging Size

800.0 Gram(s)1.8 lb

Serving Size

1.0 Scoop(s) [32g]32.0 Gram(s) [1 scoop]




calories from fat0.0
total fat0.0g
total carbohydrate24.0g
vitamin c120.0mg
ajipure amino acid blend2000.0mg
total electrolyte blend1160.0mg
malic acid700.0mg


Adult (18 - 50 Years) NP Energy Drink Supplement Electrolyte Fuel System Energizing Sports Drink Na+ K+ Mg+ Ca+ Cl- 1160mg Electrolytes NEW & IMPROVED NOW WITH MALIC ACID: The new EFS drink contains 700mg of Malic Acid, which was not found in the previous formula. Malic acid stimulates oxygen consumption by increasing mitochondrial uptake, improving mitochondrial respiration and increasing energy production. Malic acid is essential in the formation of ATP, the body's energy source. Malic acid allows the body to make ATP more efficiently, even under low oxygen, or hypoxic conditions. Presenting the all-new EFS drink mix, completely redesigned with the most advanced endurance technology available. From the latest amino acid technology, superior mineral bioavailability to the addition of Malic Acid, the new EFS formula fuels you with EVERYTHING you need to maximize endurance and performance during exercise.(1, 2) And with the highest electrolyte content available, you can train and race with confidence knowing you don't have to worry about cramping or dehydration(3). References: (1) Bassit RA, et. al, Branched-chain amino acid supplementation and the immune response of long-distance athletes. Nutrition. 2002 May;18(5):376-9 (2) Jentjens RL. Underwood K. Achten J, Currell K, Mann CH, Jeukendrup AE. Exogenous carbohydrate oxidation rates are elevated after combined carbohydrate sources during exercise in heat. J Appl Physiol. 2006 Mar; 100 (3):807-16. (3) Brouns, F., et al. 1992 Rationale for upper limits of electrolyte replacement during exercise. Int J Sport Nutr 2:229-38. (4) Chaturvedi, P, et al,. Comparison of calcium absorption from various calcium containing products in healthy human adults: a bioavailability study. KGK Synergize FASEB 2006. SUPERIOR MINERAL BIOAVAILABILITY: The new EFS formulas utilizes two unique sources of calcium and magnesium. DiCalcium malate and Dimagnesium malate have superior bioavailability compared to other mineral sources. In a bioavailability study, absorption rates were between 20% and 100% higher using DiCalcium and DiMagnesium malates (4). THE HIGHEST ELECTROLYTE CONTENT AVAILABLE: Clinical research shows endurance athletes require much higher levels of electrolytes than most sports drinks provide to prevent cramping and dehydration(3). The new EFS drinks now contain over 1,160mg of all 5 electrolytes per serving, more than any electrolyte drink on the market. THE LATEST AMINO ACID TECHNOLOGY: The Amino Acids in the EFS drinks are AjiPure amino acids, the purest, most-bioavailable source of free-form amino acids available. AjiPure amino acids have purity levels of 99%-100%. This results in faster and more complete absorption. ~ Next Generation Energy & Endurance Drink ~ The Highest Electrolyte Content Available ~ Prevents Cramping & Dehydration ~ Designed to be Mixed at Varying Strengths 36680004.1 AjiPure amino acids AjiPure is a registered trademarks of Ajinomoto AminoScience Use Directions: Mix one scoop EFS per 12 ounces of water. Consume one serving 15-30 minutes before exercise and take one serving every 30 minutes during exercise. EFS can be mixed up to 2x strength for additional calories and electrolytes. A standard water bottle is 18 ounces and requires 1 1/2 scoops.


Natural Flavors, No Colors, No Artificial Sweeteners


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