Ultragen Tropical Punch

First Endurance Ultragen Tropical Punch - recovery supplement

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recovery supplement

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1365.0 Gram(s)

Serving Size

2.0 Scoop(s) [91g]




calories from fat0.0
total fat0.0g
total carbohydrate60.0g
vitamin b68.0mg
vitamin b126.0mcg
vitamin a2500.0iu
vitamin d200.0iu
pantothenic acid20.0mg


Research has shown glutamine supports glycogen and protein synthesis and increases nitrogen retention, which means it's essential for muscle tissue repair and recovery (2, 6). Typical Amino Acid profile Glutamine 6000 mg Isoleucine 1399 mg Leucine 2166 mg Valine 1069 mg Tyrosine 542 mg Threonine 1299 mg Alanine 995 mg Glycine 381 mg Aspartic Acid 2041 mg Cystine/Cystein 368 mg Serine 997 mg Lysine 1743 mg Methionine 383 mg Phenylalanine 595 mg Proline 1135 mg Tryptophan 326 mg Histidine 343 mg Cortisol Modulation: - Excess cortisol levels have been shown to suppress the immune system, increase the risk of upper respiratory infections and depress levels of testosterone. In addition, excessive cortisol levels can put the body in a catabolic state- where it breaks down muscle and stores fat. L-Glutamine - Intense physical exercise drains glutamine stores faster than the body can replenish them. When this occurs, the body breaks down muscles and becomes catabolic. Fast acting whey protein isolate delivers high levels of anti-catabolic branch chain amino acids. Hydrolyzed protein is enyzmatically predigested in small, easy to digest, di- and tri-peptide chains that are quickly absorbed for muscular recovery. This is important because small molecule proteins are superior to the larger, hard to digest whey protein concentrates that are used in most recovery products. The special proteins in Ultragen are absorbed faster and easier assuring you maximize recovery during the critical thirty-minute glycogen "window of opportunity". The Result: quicker recovery, improved endurance and the ability to race at a higher level. Carbohydrate Catalyst: - High glycemic carbohydrates (sugars) are rapidly absorbed by the body and are easy to digest. Glucose, which has a glycemic index of over 100, is absorbed faster than any other sugar available. The most advanced recovery drink available - Ultragen is the most advanced recovery formulation ever developed. Ultragen's breakthrough technology is designed to work synergistically to provide the right nutrients to the right place at the right time during the 30-minute 'Window of Opportunity' following exercise so you can recover faster than ever before. Each serving of Ultragen delivers the levels of nutrients that have been shown in clinical research to maximize recovery and give you an extra edge over the competition. Endurance-specific proteins - All proteins are not created equal. RS - Recovery Series Premium endurance recovery formula Refuels exhausted muscles & restores energy levels quickly Delivers endurance-specific nutrients for optimal recovery & maximum performance 46680595.10 Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAAs) - Considered the building blocks of the body, BCAAs are important for muscle growth & recuperation. In addition to building cells and repairing muscle tissue, BCAAs form antibodies that combat invading bacteria & viruses. Your body cannot manufacture its own BCAAs so they must be supplied through your diet and supplementation routine (3, 4). Essential vitamins, minerals and electrolytes - Athletes, especially endurance athletes, need higher levels of specific vitamins minerals and electrolytes to help restore energy levels, fight free-radicals and maintain a healthy immune system. Ultragen provides the high-potency vitamins, minerals and electrolytes your body requires to maximize recovery (7). References: 1) Petibois C, et. al. Biochemical aspects of overtraining in endurance sports. Sports Med. 2002;32(13):867-78 2) Hiscock N, et. al. Glutamine supplementation further enhances exercise-induced plasma IL-6. J Appl Physiol. 2003 Jul;95(1): 145-8 Epub 2003 Feb 28. 3) Bassit RA, et. al, Branched-chain amino acid supplementation and the immune response of long-distance athletes. Nutrition. 2002 May; 18 (5):376-9 4) Blomstrand E, Saltin B. BCAA intake affects protein metabolism in muscle after but not during exercise in humans. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2001 Aug;281(2):E365-74 5) Halson SL, et al. Immunoligical responses to overreaching in cyclists. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2003 May;35(5):854-861 6) Castell L. Glutamine supplementation in vitro and in vivo, in exercise and in immunodepression. Sports Med. 2003;33(5):323-45 7) Henriksen EJ, Saengsirisuwan V. Exercise training and antioxidants: relief from oxidative stress and insulin resistance. Exerc Sport Sci Rev. 2003 Apr: 31(2):79-84 Natural flavors, sweeteners and colors 15 servings


Ultragen contains special proteins (Whey protein isolate and hydrolyzed Whey protein) that meet the unique requirements of endurance athletes. Ultragen offers a synergistic blend of vitamins, minerals, co-factors, glutamine and BCAA's specifically designed to modulate the damaging effects of cortisol brought on by intense endurance training (1, 3, 4, 5, 6). Ultragen contains 60g of glucose because studies show that high glycemic carbohydrates taken after exercise create a catalyst, which increases the uptake of glutamine, branched-chain amino acids, vitamins and minerals into exhausted muscle. Gluten free Lactose free Protein 20g Glutamine 6g BCAA's 4.5g Ultragen is formulated with 6 grams of glutamine for its anabolic and anticatabolic properties. Contains: Milk


Contains: Milk

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