New Zealand Colostrum 500 mg

This product is no longer available

This product was taken off the market by the manufacturer around Mar 04, 2015
21st Century New Zealand Colostrum 500 mg - supplement

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120.0 Capsule(s)

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2.0 Capsule(s)




new zealand colostrum1000.0mg


0506 Supports The Immune System For Good Health & Longevity* Unconditionally guaranteed for purity, freshness and label potency. PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE Nature's first food, Colostrum is the pre-milk produced by mammals after birth prior to the onset of milk. Rich in nutrients, Colostrum contains the essentials for protection and growth. New Zealand Colostrum supports the immune system for good health and longevity.*


No Added Sugar, Salt, Yeast, Preservatives, Artificial Flavors or Colors. Contains a milk ingredient (Colostrum)


Do not use if product appears to be tampered with or seal is broken. Keep out of reach of children.

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