Prenatal Multivitamin + DHA DHA

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This product was taken off the market by the manufacturer around Feb 01, 2014
21st Century Prenatal Multivitamin + DHA DHA - supplement

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Packaging Size

60.0 Softgel(s)

Serving Size

1.0 Softgel(s)




calories from fat5.0
total fat0.5g
saturated fat0.0g
polyunsaturated fat0.5g


0908 Clinical studies have shown that taking 200 mg of DHA during pregnancy and while nursing a child can provide significant support in the healthy development of brain and eye function.* In fact, many doctors specifically recommend that pregnant women and nursing mothers take a multivitamin and consume 200mg of DHA per day to help their baby develop during these important times.* 2 Step: This 2-step multivitamin and DHA supplement program also contains extra folic acid to provide improved support for the proper development of your baby's spinal column.* Doctors Recommend DHA During Pregnancy & While Nursing


Contain NO Fish, Mercury & PCB For Pregnant & Nursing Mothers Contains a soy ingredient (lecithin). Plant-sourced DHA


USE ONLY IF INNER SEAL IS NOT BROKEN OR MISSING. Supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids should be avoided in patients with inherited or acquired bleeding predispositions, including those taking anticoagulants. As with any product containing omega-3 fatty acids, adhere carefully to the amount recommended by your health care practitioner. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Not intended for children or other adult populations.

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