Aloe Vera

Aerobic Life Aloe Vera - supplement

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30.0 Vegetable Capsule(s)

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1.0 Capsule(s)




certified organic aloe vera300.0mg


Nearly 700 clinical studies suggest Aloe may benefit: - Immune Support* - Digestion* - Skin Health* The power of polysaccharides: Is your Aloe Bio-Active? Acemannan Polysaccharide is one of the most important markers of a pure, high quality, and bioactive aloe. It is believed to be responsible for Aloe's healing properties. It is your right to demand the Aloe Polysaccharide content of your aloe as all aloe is not created equal. Support a healthy digestive system


Desert Delight uses only the ACTIValoe. The patented process ensures 300% more bioactive Aloe Polysaccharides, the life force of aloe! Desert Delight contains biologically active amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and Guaranteed 10% Aloe Polysaccharides! Certified organic aloe vera


Keep out of reach of children.

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