Superfood Gold

EB Earth's Bounty Superfood Gold - liquid supplement

Product Type

liquid supplement

Packaging Size

32.0 fl. Oz.

Serving Size

1.0 fl. Oz. [30 ml]




total carbohydrate3.0g
proprietary blend30000.0mg


Please recycle Satisfaction guaranteed. Product #2400 SFG1 100% pure juice


M Certified Halal - Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America Drink It Daily For All Of Its' Valuable Health Benefits: Noni is to help maintain joint health, immune function & alleviate minor aches & pains from daily life. Acai is prized for its natural energy & mental focus. Goji is valued for its' anti-aging, eye health & libido benefits. Mangosteen is rich in Xanthones, famed for their anti-oxidant ability to help protect your cells. Gac is used to support healthy vision and rich in lycopenes that may protect your cells & maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Seabuckthorn is a perfect tonic to help support a healthy immune system, heart & skin. Vegetarian & Vegan. K Kosher Acai Gac Goji Noni Mangosteen Seabuckthorn No preservatives, artificial flavors or colors of any kind.


Dietary supplement only. See your health care professional for use with any medical condition. This bottle has an outer safety seal. Do not use if broken or missing.

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