Ke Chuan Pian Breathmooth

Guang Ci Tang Ke Chuan Pian Breathmooth - herbal supplement

Product Type

herbal supplement

Packaging Size

200.0 Tablet(s)

Serving Size

6.0 Tablet(s),




proprietary extract blend1200.0mg


Sugar Free Adult (18 - 50 Years) NP Herbal Dietary Supplement 200 mg 200 tablets (40g) 5x concentrated 1 tab = 1g herbs Heavy metals and microbes tested. Product of China This product is made from 100% natural Chinese herbs by an internationally certified GMP factory. The herbs are blended and extracted with proprietary technology to reach the most concentrated form and maximal strength in accordance with Chinese herbal medicine tradition. GMP Certified Suggested use: 6 tablets, 2 to 3 times a day, or consult your health care practitioner.


Little or no filler is added. Little or no filler is added. It contains no pharmaceuticals, no sugar and no preservatives.


Keep out of reach of children.

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