Omega Complex

HBC Protocols Omega Complex -

Product Type

Packaging Size

270.0 Softgel(s)

Serving Size

1.0 Softgel(s) [1,448 mg]




total fat1026.0mg
vitamin e5.0iu
total calories11.09


The physician may want to adjust the dose of anticoagulant medication based on blood tests that measure coagulation factors such as prothrombin (PT). Recent studies have found a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids to be an independent predictor of lower scores on measurements of hostility, including cynism, mistrust of others, anger and aggression. They have also been shown to be useful in the treatment of manic depression, high-blood pressure, abnormal blood clotting (sticky platelets), poor cell integrity, water retention, inflammation, and high cholesterol


DHA-EPA Omega 3 essential fatty acids with vitamin E


However, those taking anti-coagulant drugs like coumadin (warfarin) should inform their doctor that they are taking EPA or DHA supplements. Caution: EPA and DHA have been shown to inhibit abnormal clotting within blood vessels (thrombosis). Most ischemic heart attacks and strokes are caused by abnormal arterial blood clots, so consuming these fatty acids may help protect against these types of cardiovascular diseases. Since EPA and DHA interfere with blood clotting, those who suffer from any type of hemorrhagic disease related to excessive bleeding or blood vessel leakage should consult their physician.

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