Intestinal Drawing Formula

HealthForce Detox Intestinal Drawing Formula - supplement

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1.0 Level Tablespoon(s) [8 grams]




activated charcoal--
carob powder--
natural zeolite clay--
nopal cactus--
proprietary blend--
slippery elm--
volcanic bentonite clay--


"I truly wish you great health and happiness always." ~ Dr. Jameth Sheridan (Naturopath and Dr. of Holistic Medicine) LABEL MADE WITH 100% POST CONSUMER RECYCLED PAPER PRODUCED WITH WIND ENERGY. Greatly improved movement and detoxification Nutritionally supports radiation protection with kelp and zeolite Nutritionally Supports Nourishing, Soothing & Lubrication, plus Drawing and Elimination of Toxins From The Entire Intestinal Tract. I wish you great health and happiness always! ~ Dr. Jameth Sheridan (N.D.) The colon is one of our main detoxification routes. A sluggish bowel breeds toxicity that seriously adversely affects the health of the entire body. Regular bowel movements and a clean colon are foundational to better health. Even an apparently non-sluggish bowel that is full of anything other than largely whole plant foods (vegan) with their fiber intact can be a significant source of poor health (fresh, raw juices are purified, structured water are obfious exceptions and highly encouraged). This superior formulation has been designed to draw-in and absorb poisons from the bowel, (it "sucks" big time) allowing you to eliminate them and not re-absorb these poisons (an extremely common, everyday occurrence for most) - essential to take during a fast to avoid auto-intoxication. It also adds fibrous bulk (without psyllium that can irritate and bloat.) Nourishes, soothes and lubricates the intestines as it moves through. Organic only "certifies" with paperwork, but does not verify. I am very deeply committed to researching and developing the highest quality, most effective, life enhancing nutritional products based on my on-going research into life force, whole foods, enzymes, Mother Nature, and true science, with a reverence for all life. I wish you great health and happiness always. - Dr. Jameth Sheridan - (Naturopath and Dr. of Holistic Medicine) Version 6



IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not take this formula at the same time as other supplement/foods as they will be drawn into/ absorbed by the formula (lessening the effects of this formula and anything else you may be taking/eating). WARNING: This is a powerful product and may cause strong detoxification.

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