Oxygen Supreme II

Healthforce Nutritionals Oxygen Supreme II -

Product Type

Packaging Size

4.0 Fluid Ounce(s)

Serving Size

80.0 Drop(s)





Non-toxic pH neutral. Bottle contains approximately 2400 drops and will last 30 dayS at 80 drops per day. Oxygen is a natural & non-toxic bacteriocide, virucide and fungicide. Oxygen assists the body in metabolizing nutrients more completely. HealthForce TRULY CARES and is deeply committed to researching and providing the highest quality, most regenerative, non-toxic nutritional and life-enhancing products to humanity. Please recycle this bottle.


Ultra-High Concentration Stabilized Oxygen. 11% Contains NO sodium chlorite or chlorine dioxide. VEGAN product and company.


Do not mix with acidic fluids (such as acidic fruit juices or vinegars) and avoid contact with metal (the oxygen content may be diminished).

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