Saw Palmetto

Herb Pharm Saw Palmetto - herbal supplement

Product Type

herbal supplement

Packaging Size

60.0 Vegetarian Softgel(s)
1.0 fl. Oz. 4.0 fl. Oz.

Serving Size

1.0 Softgel(s)





004 SYSTEM RESTORATION Prostate Support Supports Healthy Prostate Function Our Saw Palmetto extract is prepared from ripe berries that are bursting with the fatty acids and related therapeutic compounds clinically shown to support prostate function. Herb Pharm avoids harsh, synthetic chemicals commonly used to prepare Saw Palmetto, instead opting for natural extraction techniques that provide a high level of broad spectrum of therapeutic plant constituents while avoiding synthetic residues. broad-spectrum



Don't use if lid seal is broke or missing. Keep Out of Reach of Children

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