Organic Papaya Leaf Tea With Rooibos Chai

Herbal Papaya Organic Papaya Leaf Tea With Rooibos Chai - herbal tesupplement

Product Type

herbal tesupplement

Packaging Size

24.0 Tea Bag(s)

Serving Size

1.0 Tea Bag(s) [Makes 8 fl oz 240 ml]




organic cardamom--
organic cinnamon--
organic ginger--
organic papaya--
organic rooibos--
organic stevia--
proprietary blend2.0g


10% Of profits & ethical trade We give 10% of profits to educating and empowering girls in Africa. In partnership with WAAW Foundation we help train female leaders who contribute towards technology innovation and economic growth in Africa. We also support our farmers and their livelihoods by paying fair market value for Papaya. By doing this we are building vibrant communities, and that?s who we are. through our giving we increase the availability of chemical free, organic Papayas. So go ahead and choosing Herbal Papaya with confidence, knowing you are contributing directly to these causes. Thank you. visit to learn more. For maximum benefit, Papaya Leaf Herbal Tea must be properly prepared. These steps directly influence the amount of beneficial extracts that end up in your tea cup! Spicy ~ Sweet Immune support Herbal Papaya cares about the environment. Please recycle this package where facilities accept. 24 .07 OZ (2G) Teabags / NET WT 1.7OZ (48G) Individually wrapped to ensure great taste and lasting freshness. 10% of profits go to WAAW Foundation Get the most out of every cup Herbal Papaya offers a premium selection of the highest quality papaya products with excellent five star service. We are committed to bringing you the finest, highest quality preparations. We work with nature, support the environment and give back to the farmers and communities that grow our products. Our promise to you is that we will never compromise our standards. Learn more about the benefits of Papaya Leaf and try our other Tea flavors at Women owned Our Papaya Leaf Tea with Rooibos is a gentle and natural way to maintain a healthy digestive system and support the immune system. Papaya Leaf is beneficial for promoting vitality, health and youthfulness. Rooibos, considered the red tea and Papaya herbs includes antioxidants - Vitamins C, E and Beta-Carotene, which help neutralize free radicals. This blend has an enchanting spicy-sweet taste. A smooth well-rounded brew with an exotic personality.


Certified Organic by OTCO Certified Kosher by KSA Caffeine free Non-GMO


If pregnant, consult your prenatal care-giver or other health care professional before drinking this tea.

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