Digestive Cool & Calm

Herbal Zap Digestive Cool & Calm - instantly dissolving herbal supplement

Product Type

instantly dissolving herbal supplement

Packaging Size

1.41 Oz(s)
3.53 Oz(s)

Serving Size

1.0 Packet(s) [4 g]




total carbohydrate3.9g
dried grapes--
herbal extract proprietary blend100.0mg


Digestive Cool and Calm uses the power of carefully selected medicinal herbs, in a delicious beverage, to soothe and support your belly. 10 individual packets Our Story Herbal Zap's mission is to make the power of Ayurveda accessible to everyone by providing effective, easy to use, sustainably sourced Ayurvedic products that support health and healing. Developed by leading Ayurvedic doctors and formulated for today's busy lifestyles, each Herbal Zap product delivers the power of medicinal herbs in a delicious instantly dissolving drink. Our Commitment All of our herbs are sourced through small, sustainable farms, ensuring the highest quality, potency and purity. We proudly support Guria India in the fight against human trafficking. For more information, visit our website: www.herbalzap.com Instant Ayurveda How it works Herbal Zap products work according to Ayurveda, the natural medical system rooted in ancient India which takes a "whole person" approach to health, focusing on diet, lifestyle and herbal therapies.


kosher vegan Concentrated extract from 4 cooling Ayurvedic herbs Amla calming digestive support Parpataka soothing & harmonizing Coriander promotes a relaxed digestive system Vasaka supports a health vascular response Plus antioxidant rich grapes for a light sweet flower gluten free


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