ChlorOxygen Chlorophyll Concentrate

Product Type

fastacting herbal supplement

Serving Size

18.0 Drop(s)






Vibrant health begins with you True health starts when you become responsible for your wellbeing. As you take your healthcare into your own hands, you become connected to your body and more aware of its needs. Each and every positive choice you make gives you the power to shape your life. Medicinal herbs have the ability to make significant shifts to your health. For thousands of years, they have been pivotal players in the healing process. Their gift to us is their ability to restore and maintain vibrant health. Since 1969, Herbs, Etc. has been harnessing the healing power of nature to create safe and effective herbal medicines. Join us in this great journey to health. Learn about Herbs, Etc. Delivered to your tissues, this abundant oxygen satisfies your hungry cells and your energy surges. Boost your energy levels Increased oxygenation is the body's key to producing more energy. #1 Seller SPINS data 92016 Professional strength Builds red blood cells Herbal medicine Builds better blood Satisfies your body's hunger for oxygen Maximizes lung function Helps altitude acclimation Highly concentrated Equals up to 2 - 16 oz. bottles of the competition's chlorophyll


It energizes without sugar, caffeine, or other stimulates. Supports healthy hematocrit levels during pregnancy Preservative and alcohol free Gluten free


Note: While taking this product, dark green stools may occur Caution: Permanently stains fabrics, textiles, wood, and other materials

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