Osha Root Rocky Mountain Throat Syrup

Herbs Etc. Osha Root Rocky Mountain Throat Syrup - herbal supplement

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herbal supplement

Packaging Size

4.0 Fluid Ounce(s)
2.0 fl. Oz.

Serving Size

2.0 Teaspoon(s) [Adults]




balsam poplar extract--
black cherry extract--
bloodroot extract--
osha extract--
proprietary extract blend ingredients10.0ml
spikenard extract--
white pine extract--


Sinuses Throat Lungs Superb respiratory support In the great Southwest, the Native American and Hispanic cultures consider Osha root the must-have herb to maintain respiratory health. Rocky Mountain Throat Syrup provides a protective coating that soothes and comforts tissues. It thins and liquefies thick mucus. This formula gently dilates the bronchioles and promotes sinus, throat, and lung health. Once you experience the benefits of Rocky Mountain Throat Syrup, you'll always make sure it's in your medicine cabinet. Herbal medicine Professional strength Protective coating comforts the throat Soothing syrup with a deliciously powerful taste ORRMTS032017 Vibrant health begins with Herbs, Etc. True wellbeing starts when you choose to be responsible for your health. As you take your healthcare into your own hands, you become connected to your body and better able to listen to its needs. Herbs have to the ability to make significant shifts in your health. They are pivotal players in the healing process. The gift of medicinal herbs is their ability to restore and maintain vibrant health. Since 1969, Herbs, Etc. has been harnessing the healing power of nature to create safe and effective natural medicines. Join us on this great journey to health. facebook.com/herbsect Learn about Herbs, Etc.


Rocky Mountain Throat Syrup, featuring Osha root, has been cherished Herbs, Etc.'s formula for over 40 years. Gluten free


Caution: Do not use during pregnancy.

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