Biolayne is a YouTube channel that focuses on the science of fitness and nutrition, hosted by Dr. Layne Norton. Dr. Norton is a bodybuilder and powerlifter who holds a PhD in nutritional sciences. His channel offers evidence-based advice on training, diet, and supplements, with a focus on dispelling myths and misconceptions in the fitness industry.

The channel features a mix of educational videos and vlogs documenting Dr. Norton's own training and nutrition, as well as interviews with other experts in the field. Some of the most popular videos on the channel include discussions on topics like intermittent fasting, reverse dieting, and how to build a sustainable diet. In addition to his YouTube channel, Dr. Norton also hosts a podcast, writes articles for fitness and nutrition publications, and has authored several books on the subject. Overall, Biolayne is a great resource for anyone looking to improve their health and fitness based on the latest scientific research.