Chlorella Manna

HealthForce SuperFoods Chlorella Manna -

Product Type

Serving Size

5.0 Gram(s) [One Level Tbsp]




total fat0.5g
saturated fat0.0g
trans fat0.0g
total carbohydrate1.2g
dietary fiber0.0g
vitamin a--
vitamin c--
fat cal4.0


~ Magnetic ~ Homeopathic ~ Energetic & Vibrational Energies SuperFoods "The quality, therapeutic concentration, and affordability of a nutritional product can, and often does, mean the difference between lethargy and energy, sickness and health, and, quite literally, life and death. I don't want anyone to be tired, sick or dead because they could not obtain or afford the best possible product. If someone does not feel this some way, they should not be in the nutritional product business. I live and breathe this philosophy in both my personal and professional life and constantly strive to evolve HealthForce products and offer them at the best possible values - with a reverence for all life. I would rather die than compromise these values." Dr. Jameth Sheridan, D.H.M. Raw Food 50-60% PROTEIN These micronutrients work together to help regenerate cells faster than normal - to help your body recover from whatever's ailing you...letting you focus on everything else that's important. Let us focus on your health. -HealthForce I am very deeply committed to researching and developing the highest quality, most effective, life enhancing nutritional products based on my on-going research into life force, whole foods, enzymes, Mother Nature and true science, with a reverence for all life. I wish you great health and happiness always. ~ Jameth Sheridan, Naturopath. Please recycle this bottle. It matters. Chlorella is the only plant on the planet that can quadruple its growth in less than one day.


It contains Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), which is a potent phytonutrient comprised of amino acids, beta glucans, nucleic acids, peptides and polysaccharides. Chlorella is a hard core Green Algae Incredible source of full spectrum, non-toxic, absorbable nutrients and compounds including 50-60% Protein.


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