Chlorella Manna

HealthForce SuperFoods Chlorella Manna -

Product Type

Serving Size

5.0 Gram(s) [20 VeganTabs]




calories from fat5.0
total fat0.5g
vitamin a1500.0iu
vitamin c2.4mg
total calories20.0


Supports cellular repair Supports cellular detoxification Promotes optimal immune function Supports growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria Supports free radical neutralization Supports oxygen utilization efficiency in cells and thus may improve exercise performance and stamina I am deeply committed to researching and developing the highest quality, most effective, life-enhancing nutritional products based on my ongoing research into life force, whole foods, enzymes, Mother Nature, and true science ? with a reverence for all life. I wish you great health and happiness always. Dr. Jameth Sheridan ? Naturopath and Hard-Core Herbal Medicine Researcher 100% post-consumer recycled paper (dioxin free) produced with wind energy. CHLORT1200 17052401 You deserve it! Perhaps the most important nutritional aspect of chlorella stems from the presence of a phytonutrient known as Chlorella Growth Factor. This water-soluble compound is only found in chlorella and is responsible for the remarkable ability of this plant to quadruple itself every 20 to 24 hours under favorable conditions. Chlorella is a single-celled, freshwater green algae that is one of the richest known sources of chlorophyll, which is responsible for its deep green color. The high chlorophyll content of chlorella supports oxygenation of our blood and consequent energy production in all our cells, allowing cells to release toxins more effectively. Chlorella truly shines in its ability to promote detoxification. Chlorella?s fibrous cell wall binds with heavy metals, radioactive isotopes, pesticides such as PCBs and DDT, and other toxins to help carry them out of the body. (by weight) Please recycle this bottle. It matters.


TruGanic verified Source of full-spectrum, non-toxic, absorbable nutrients and compounds, including 50-60% protein Certified vegan OU Parve Broken cell wall chlorella 100% TruGanic: TruGanic is HealthForce?s own purist, hard-core, quality standard for sourcing and production. Ingredients must pass actual tests (that no other standard requires) to verify non-GMO status and ensure they are 100% free of pesticides and irradiation. Manufactured in vegan facility free of gluten, peanuts, and tree nuts


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